Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Leadership as Learned from Those Throughout History Essay

Leadership as Learned from Those Throughout History - Essay Example As the paper stresses there is the need to have a sense of courage toward understanding and to relate to the different components that are within the military. To do this, according to Kant, there has to be a sense of maturity to reach the enlightenment, as well as a sense of purpose behind what is occurring. The idea of leadership, in this sense, is to become enlightened enough to be defined as a guardian of others. â€Å"Such guardians, once they have themselves thrown off the yoke of immaturity, will disseminate the spirit of rational respect for personal value and for the duty of all men to think for themselves†. According to the study findings once one is able to develop a sense of personal enlightenment, then other characteristics can be developed which will help with leadership. To understand my certain place within the Navy as well as how to bring out a different sense of community that is used for the betterment of others is also the need to have an understanding of vision toward what has to happen within the community. Having strength, understanding what needs to be done, and focusing on the mission of what is occurring is essential to the true role of leadership. For instance, in Gary Wills presentation of George Washington and the making of the nation, the focus of leadership is on the personal attributes of Washington. To be a true leader, the personal development of these qualities becomes essential to the positive development within a community.

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